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RE:adeline39: I'm curious. Reblog with an explanation of your url.


Adeline Records is Billie Joe & Adrienne Armstrong’s record label. They also sell clothing under the Adeline Street label. I own a fair amount of Adeline Street…

My url FYNYX is a play on the word Phoenix (a mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth and renewal) I didn’t want to use any vowels, hence the purposely misspelled name. Coincidentally, NY is part of it, which is also where I live at the moment.

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    Potato is my spirit animal. My favorite number is Three. I like whole things.
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    Just an old forum username, back in my Ninja Turtle craze days. TMNT-girl, basically, but tweaked a little to find...
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    generator that put two words together at random. After a few generates...got Edgesphere. I...
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    its because I always lose focus when talking for too long, hence my train of thought gets derailed :)
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    In middle school I saw someone with socks that said, ‘Follow me, I’m lost too!’ and a little monkey with a banana on...
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    French Canadian with a penchant for getting angry in a jiffy. For some reason being a Frog is an insult to a Frenchie. I...
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    I like Neverland and Wonderland. Simple.
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    Here’s the story about my blog name: The one good skit in this year’s Spring Festival Evening Gala was a xiangsheng...
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    My friend Josh made his gamertag on Xbox Live “ThatCoolGuyJosh”, and at the time, my cousin made his “ThatLameGuyZach”....
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    I love hearing stories about these. Mine means nothing as well. I needed a new photobucket account since I’m weird and...
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    I made a satirical/sarcastic/sardonic/which S word am I looking for here?—video and put it up on tumblr and youtube this...
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    deewhydeetee is a pronunciation spelling of dy/dt, the derivative of y with respect to t. Typically this is used when...
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    Mine is because I’m planning on getting signed on a record company and I have a demo album call The Mad Wah Wah Guitar...
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    I got a few anons questioning the fact that I’m fairly goth-y (It’s far more clear if you know me IRL or talk music with...
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    My URL is from a Tori Amos song, “Shattering Sea”. One of the lines is “he gets his power from tide and wave”. I...
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    Ginger beer is one of my favourite drinks. But it can be so damn hard to find one that is both VERY gingery AND fairly...
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    Floor= my alias/preferred name (though i don’t go by it irl) Claudius= a version of “Claude”, a name I went by briefly....
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    I’m agender. Bad puns are some...my favorite things. (I maaaaaaay have stolen it from Kate...
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    the words omnivorous and stegosaurus, implying that I am...dinosaur who obtains nutrients...
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    It’s my sister’s terribly odd nickname for me.
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    It’s related to Doctor Who. I had read a mini story of a girl who had a run-in with The Doctor and he promised to take...
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    ^that french man right up there + this french man right down here v and their dicks.
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    I needed to escape the spam in my crystalclearoddity email, and I needed something people could pronounce easier than...
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    I like quills. I like the color blue. And I like birds…so “flying” pretty much came from that.
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    I’m a motherly pagan ooooooooops I’m also lame.